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Welcome to the Le Putty's page. The place to find the better and not always improving version of Putty.

If you don't know what Putty is, go check out the Putty's page at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
In short, Le Putty is a ssh client with fast terminal that runs on windows (Putty is being ported to Unix and Mac, but I'm not interested in those versions for now, so I won't build/maintain any of those versions for Le Putty).
The reason I started a different project was motivated by the fact that I wanted zmodem transfers incorporated in Putty. After fighting for a few hours with the source code, I came with a patch with this feature, but when I submitted it to the owners of the original Putty, I got a very bad feedback (even though I gave them a port forwarding patch before that they accepted with no problem), they wanted a complete reimplementation of the protocol.
My goal was to be able to do zmodem transfers, not to code for the beauty of it, so I decided to just maintain (as much as possible), a version of Putty that contains all the latest and greatest changes of the original Putty, but with the added features I want.
update I even send them a patch (a two liner thing), to fix a problem with port forwarding and ssh2, I didn't even get a response, and from the cvs logs, they seem to not even check their emails (they found the bug a month later)... So why bother, I will not send them any updates from now on.
Go back to the sourceforge site for Le Putty to download it. Please submit bugs that you find.

Please join the force!

Allright, if you feel like playing around with the code, I will be more than happy to give you cvs access so that you can incorporate your "super duper feature". Of course, you might consider just sending in patches to Putty's owner, but I kinda gave up on that after the "nice" e-mails I got for trying to add features to Putty.

Added features

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